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Originally Posted by Cmde.Slavyanski View Post
Polls conducted by whom?

Incorrect. The USSR liberated the territories of Western Belarus and Galicia, non-Polish territories. They did so on 17 September, AFTER the Polish government fled the country and the Germans declared that they no longer recognized an entity known as Poland(this was a hint that they intended to drive Eastward to take all formerly Polish territory).

Rydz-Smigly also explicitly ordered Polish forces to continue resisting the Germans, but NOT to resist the Soviets. Not to mention that England and France did not declare war on the USSR, despite their hostile foreign policy toward the latter- neither did the fleeing Polish government.

Apparently you have never heard of the People's Guard, which was the second largest resistance organization in Poland after the AK. It was they who set up the government in 1944 after the AK destroyed itself.
Quite the contrary, I clearly know more about all of these subjects than you. You need to stop getting your history from some pundits.

I have never heard such a pathetic, double-standard laden good vs. evil narrative.
You are completely wrong. Soviet aggression in 1939 on Poland was in agreement with Nazi Germany based on a Ribbentrop-Molotov pact. This makes Soviet Union co-responsible for World War 2. Polish government was evacuated because of the Soviet aggression and it happened AFTER the Soviets crossed the border. The declaration of was made by the Wishinski to the Polish ambassador. Polish units fought against the Soviets aggressors most notable by the Independent Operational Group Polesie which fought against the Soviets and the Germans until October 5 1939. The fact that France and Britain did not declare war on the Soviets does not excuse Soviet action in 1939. They were the aggressors on the par with the Nazis.

Communist People's Guard (GL) and later People's Army (AL) were a tiny group of traitors and Soviet collaborators it was dwarfed by the Home Army and also by the Peasant Battalions and the National Armed Forces. They had very little support in Poland. The Home Army did not destroyed itself but was persecuted by the Soviets and their Polish collaborators after Soviets occupied the country. The puppet Communist government was formed in Moscow then transplanted to Lublin. It never represented the Polish nation.

You lack of knowledge of history is shocking. Its like reading old Soviet propaganda. No wonder Russians were so easily led to misadventures.
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