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Nichols gives and gets respect [800] Nichols gives and gets respect [800]
During March MCWL & TECOM sponsored the Commandant's Second Innovation Challenge. I signed up and submitted one of the first entries:

Decision Room

Submitted By: Paul Nichols

WHAT: With the fielding of the Decision Room, we need to start training the Marines how to lead training with the capability.

HOW: During the initial fielding of the DVTE, school houses used the software to run scenarios. It wasn't much different that what we did before simulations. With the Decision Room; if we create a curriculum that teaches the Marine how to conduct training with the gear instead of train on the gear, we will enable the small unit leaders to be the trainers.

WHY: The small unit leader would have responsibility to conduct training that supports the METL and increase the unitís decision making capability. Also as gear gets updated, the school house would be updating the Marines.

Out of the 253 submissions, 19 were selected and submitted for review:

Of the five first place winners, four deal with what the Decision Rooms.

The Finalist, Semi Finalist, and Honorable Mentions also contain ideas that are part of the Decision Room.
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