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Originally Posted by E.D. Morel View Post
No John, all of Europe is like "Taken" with wet-lipped A-rab's looking to kidnap not particularly good looking |American girls and sell them as sex slaves. That and the Muslims, sorry, Moslims, on every street corner, the corrupt and inept police and all the refugees stealing our houses, jobs and women, sure you'd be mad to come here at all! That is unless you have are accompanied by a 60 year old ex-CIA hit man with a Northern Irish accent.

Hollywood is real, didn't you know that?

If none of this seems even vaguely familiar to you as someone who lives in Europe just watch the vacuous botoxed bimbos and rug-wearing polemicists on Fox News; they'll put you Right.
Congratulations! You managed to insult every single group you talked about in only one small paragraph!


Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? Who is watching the watchers?
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