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Originally Posted by Poor Old Spike View Post
Games like the Harpoon series and CMANO are played only on a map screen, but most newcomers to naval gaming are going to want games which provide both a map screen AND a 3D screen such as the two below, they're old games and their graphics are not so hot but they still have a sizeable fan following, so there's definitely a gap in the market for a modern game with super-duper graphics and slick interface etc.
I cannot totally agree with you regarding the need for 3D graphics, but I certainly agree with the need for better user interfaces.

Naval war is fought in the CIC or Battle Centre. To see torpedoes hitting submarines like they do in Cold Waters is just never going to happen. CW does have some nice 3D, but I lament how much better the game could have been if they had not spent the time and resources on 3D that is likely to be turned off after it has been seen a few times.

Even old games like Harpoon ANW wasted some time on 3D images. However, the original game just had some quick video animations showing launches/hits. Once a player had seen them a few (hundred?) times, they were turned off. This was good because (probably) not too much time was wasted on the effort.

In ANW, they added a few 3D images to the database along with the ability for users to add more. NO one bothered to add any more. I strongly suspect that they simply did not deem it worthy of the time and effort. The lack of user-created 3D just lends more credibility to the argument against the necessity of such expensive graphics.

Originally Posted by Poor Old Spike View Post
Below- Naval War:Arctic Waters is another golden oldy much like Fleet Command with a map and 3D screen, but it's graphics are a tad arcadey-

NWAC did have some 3D launch and hit sequences. However, the time and money they spent on them could (should) have been spent in fixing the game and making it more playable and reliable. To see developers repeatedly focus on such superficial features at the expense of good game play just saddens me.
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