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Originally Posted by GCoyote View Post
Agreed. The bulk of NATO's ability to move forces outside of Europe lies with the US TRANSCOM

We should assume their priority would be to moving key US assets into theater and supporting an opening strategic air offensive. Bringing in willing NATO partners would come last. While NATO strike aircraft would certainly be capable of participating, how many NATO units have ever even conducted an exercise in the theater?

Even flying from US bases like Anderson, space limitations would still probably constrain meaningful NATO numbers.

China could play another critical role here however. One of the chief problems for US targeters is the DPRK's extensive underground facilities (UGF). Obviously we want to target operational weapons sites first and preferably by surprise. I'm willing to bet that Beijing has a lot of good intel on which UGFs are really holding ready to fire missiles and WMDs and which can left for mopping up operations.

Convince the Chinese that Kim is about to launch and they might be willing to share the needed info to make the war as short as possible.
Excellent point, "GCoyote", about China helping the US with intel on N. Korea's crucial strategic strong-points. Not only their underground facilities, but their land- based ones, as well as their sea-based threats.

But I believe that China would only divulge such intel if the US agreed to invade the hermit kingdom from the south, while China invaded from the north. They would agree to 'meet' in the middle, after which the US would agree to leave the region in a few years, so as not to antagonize China with their presence on the Chinese border.
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