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Originally Posted by OpanaPointer View Post
I was stationed on LHA-5. They had "highly sufficient" well deck capability. Dodging frigging jarhead tank jockeys was always fun.
I was referring to the USS Tripoli LHA-7 an America Class Amphib.

The Tawawa Class ships have some differences from the America Class.

You need to look at the other Amphibs in 1980 when your ship was commissioned.

In 1980:

LSD; Thomaston & Anchorage Class
LPD; Austin Class
LST; Newport Class


LSD; Whidbey Island & Harper Ferry Classes
LPD; San Antonio Class

Currently they are saying that the LSDs & LPDs have sufficient well deck space to compensate for the America & Tripoli to not have a well deck. These two new LHAs have more hanger, fuel, ammo storage....
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