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Italian logistics were either horrendous. The Italian high command was aghast at Mussolinis decision to send troops to Russia as Italys main front was and should have been Africa. Mussolini diverted a great deal of equipment badly needed in Africa to Russia and it was a fool hardy decision. Italian military Industry wasnt capable of providing for troops in Africa troops in Russia and occupation armies in France, Greece, Yugoslavia, and the Aegean. Italys production of oil was absolutely nil and they depended on the 600 or so tons a month pumped from Albania and whatever the Germans could send them. Italian Industry could only produce about 80,000 vehicles in the entire war and that included only 3700 tanks. Compare this to German production of over a half million vehicles of all types. Logistics in all areas and on all fronts dicated what the Italian armed forces could and couldnt do. But it was a subject Mussolini UNDERSTOOD but did not want to hear about. COnsequently what meagre resources Italy possessed were squandered on numerous fronts rather than be concentrated in one place.
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