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Gotcha! You've fallen into your own trap.

As stated, I try all scenarios: good, bad or ugly (and even those made with the HUD4). I tried the latest scenario release and have encountered the same type of problem as I have found in every single HUD4 scenario: the predominant game problem encountered with the HUD4 is the fact that many, Many, MANY weapons fail to fire.

Against my better judgement, I will give you this bug report as a freebie because it is not the purpose and function of players to be testing your scenario when such problems are so obvious. As per my policy with HUD4 scenarios, I played until I encountered the first database bug and then stopped because they are 100% avoidable and preventable.

The database error lies with the RUR-5A Mod 4 (Mk46m5) missiles. It is easily replicated by ordering the destroyer found in this scenario (Rommel) to fire on any submarine. The database says that the weapons are rated for submarines, but they will not fire at the target at any combination of range or speed that I could find. If you find an instance whereby this weapon fires, I would be happy to test your findings. Just to be clear, the database version is HUD 4 V 1.1 beta 10 and the files are dated 24/03/2012 11:54:08a.m. The scenario is dated 24/10/2012 17:37h

Just to save time and pre-empt the usual stupidity, saying that I should simply find another weapon that actually works in order to attack the submarine is as stupid as telling me to find another game that works and play it. You may as well be telling players to find a database that works in order to fire that particular weapon because this weapon works in the PlayersDB and other functional databases without any such faulty limitations.

Equally stupid would be to tell me to launch the weapon in Bearing-Only-Launch mode as this is NOT a solution to this problem, but only a work-around to this particular HUD4 database bug.

Lastly, the lame excuse of, "It has been fixed and will be released at some unspecific date in the future" is absurd and unacceptable. The scenario was released today and I am trying this scenario today with the database available today and not some future date when the database may or may not be fixed.

Go ahead. Fix this problem. Put up or shut up. If you don't, I'm going to be relentless and continue making darned certain everyone knows just how buggy and problematic HUD4 scenarios are. You have no right to inflict your abuse on players with such faulty scenarios and databases.
I see that, once again, when you do not receive the answer you seek, you fall back onto your usual tactic. That's not going to work here. As promised, I will be relentless. You've been called out, either put up or shut up. Since you will neither put up nor shut up, I'll be on hand to make certain that everyone learns how badly HUD4 scenarios work.

Anyone following this thread will see it easily:

1) You ask folks to try your scenario
2) Problems are reported along with a solution
3) You ignore the report and the solution. Instead, you keep asking for 'help',

The general community experience with the HUD4 has been very negative. Those who try the HUD4 will find it a waste of time due to the heaps of errors found within. The only logical choice is to ignore the HUD4 unless they have a surplus of time and enjoy the frustration of reaching dead-end bugs.
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