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Imperial has a spectacular aura about [400]
Imperial has a spectacular aura about [400] Imperial has a spectacular aura about [400]
Originally Posted by Scott Fraser View Post
The aftermath of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact is also worthy of comment. There is a thread, very long now, where I complained that Western histories are still too full of polemics, relics of the Cold War, that would politicize and condemn Stalin's quest for security as some evil commie plot to conquer the world. I disbelieve this, despite the assertions, particularly with respect to the Soviet occupation of Galicia and the Baltic states.

Stalin was many things, but he was not messianic like Hitler or even Lenin. The record says otherwise, most recently the destruction of the Comintern and execution of the 'Trotskyists'. His obsession was Stalin, his own position and security, and by extension that of the Soviet Union, which had always been besieged by enemies in his lifetime.
For Stalin the USSR was the base of world revolution, the place from which a new world order was to emerge through subversive propaganda, revolutions/insurgencies and armed might.