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Imperial has a spectacular aura about [400] Imperial has a spectacular aura about [400] Imperial has a spectacular aura about [400]
Originally Posted by broderickwells View Post
Stalin took advantage of the fact that he could impose his will on the countries the Red Army liberated, just as the West was free to do as well. But then, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and to an extent Poland had been fascist states and the first three had invaded the USSR. So imposing his will on them was to an extent payback. But he stayed true to his word in not supporting communist insurgencies in Italy, France or Greece. And the what later became the Warsaw Pact allies did form a protective glacis. And protection is something paranoids are keen on.
Actually Romanians were deported from Basarabia and Bucovina to the Soviet Gulag, in cattle trains, from June 1940 to June 1941. Romania hadn't launched any attack on the USSR. Similar deportations took place in the Baltics around the same time. It wasn't payback, it was the expansion of communism.

As for what happened after 1944/1945, the communists sent millions of Romanians to prisons and forced labor camps, and deportations to the Gulag continued. Hundreds of thousands died. You could consider this payback, however these measures did not focus on fascists alone, they targeted all political elites, intellectuals of all political persuasions, wealthy peasants, students and so on.