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Greatest Western Movie Tournament

"What we have here is an opportunity to communicate."

So wrap yer hands around that iron, err, mouse, and start clickin'! This is the place to vote for your favorite Western movies of all time! Galloping alongside the 100 Greatest Westerns movie guide comes this interactive forum tournament, whipped up and corralled by a few of the best cowpokes on these forums.

Four categories of 25 movies each start off the tournament, and it's your chance to take aim and pick off your 8 favorites from each category to choose only the top 32 movies. So don't stand there whistlin' Dixie! Unflap that holster, loosen up that trigger finger, and fire off your vote. What's a'matter, you a yellow-belly?

Eight Best Westerns, 1903-1949

Eight Best Westerns, 1950-1962

Eight Best Westerns, 1962-1973

Eight Best Westerns, 1974-2008
Stay Alert, Stay Alive!

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