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Marshal Beale 01 Jun 11 21:11

Napoleon Total War
Napoleon: Total War is the latest game in the esteemed and critically acclaimed Total War Series. Developed by the Creative Assembly, the Total War Series brings together elements of real time strategy and turn based game play. The latest incarnation is set in the 19th century and includes a very impressive array of features, including the continuation of Naval Battles.


It is 1811 and the war in the Spanish Peninsula has been raging for over two years, with mixed fortunes and heavy casualties for both sides. Following the withdrawal from the Madrid area of the combined armies of Great Britain, Portugal and Spain after the Battle of Talavera in July 1809, Viscount Wellington retreated into Portugal and consolidated his forces. Now Napoleon´s Armée d'Espagne, has invaded Portugal once again but thus far the network of entrenchments has proved impossible for the French to successfully assail. Wellington has planned a fresh offensive to drive the invaders out of Portugal and eventually out of the Peninsula altogether. Although forced back to the edges of their Peninsula by France and the traitors who helped them, Spain is not yet out of the fight. The Supreme Central Junta and its successor the Supreme Regency authorised the forming of local bands to fight guerrilla - the "little war" - against the invaders. Choose one of the three nations involved - France, Great Britain or Spain - and experience one the most intense conflict of the Napoleonic era.

Marshal Beale 01 Jun 11 21:12

It's might fun! ;)

Marshal Beale 01 Jun 11 21:38

General Information

When two (or more) armies engage in combat on the campaign map, the player has the option to fight the battle on the battle map. If he chooses to do so, he is "transported" into the battle and is given complete control of his forces (organized in regiments of Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery as it would be explained below).

The land battles on Napoleon Total War, like the naval battles, are fought in real time. They can be divided into two categories: Normal Land battles and Sieges. Normal Land battles are fought when 2 or more rival armies have engaged in combat on the campaign map. The player enter the battle map at the deployment stage, were he must choose the starting positions of his/her units inside his starting area. Each army consists of 20 regiments maximum, the number of men in each regiment varies according to what options the player has chosen. The player may be able to see his enemy's starting position only if he/she has a general with a greater amount of command. When the battle begins, the player has complete control of his/her units and is able to issue a variety of command to the different units, like, for example, order the men to form a square in order to defend against cavalry or order the cannons to limber/unlimber. When all enemy units are killed or routing, the player is victorious. If there is a time limit, the attacker must manage to rout or kill the defenders units before the time runs out or he will lose the battle.

Sieges are played in a very similar way, but here the target is to capture the enemy fort or defend it if you are the defender. Unlike in previous title, siege equipment is not necessary as the men can climb on the wall of the fort with ropes. That doesn't mean the cannons are useless in sieges from the side of the attacker. The fort's walls are equipped with cannons that the units can arm and use against the invaders. If the attacker can rout all enemy units or hold the center of the fort for 2 minutes, he wins the battle.

Different Unit Classes

There are 3 different unit classes in Napoleon's Land Battles commanded by a General or Captain.

Generals and Captains

Armies are usually leaded by Generals. If there is no general in the army, a captain will be selected form the soldiers as the head of the army. Generals can increase the moral of then nearby troops or give them a temporary bonus in combat. According to the Generals skill and traits, the units will fight for a longer time before they break and rout. Some of these generals are historic like Napoleon, Duke of Wellington,


Infantry is the most common unit of Napoleon's Battles. It's type and rank can vary: from local militia to Elite Infantry. They are used to hold their lines and harass the enemy with their musket fire, while protecting weaker units like artillery.


Cavalry, having low numbers and being vulnerable to musket fire and cannons, are used to flank the enemy. If used at right moment, they can turn the tide of the battle with their powerful charges and make the entire enemy army start routing.


Cannons are used to bombard the enemy formations at range. There shots not only kill enemy soldiers but they also have a serious impact on morale. Different kinds of ammunition can be used with round shot being the default. There are also various types of artillery like howitzers, mortars and rockets.


Occasionally, on the campaign map, when an army engages an enemy, a second army that belongs to the same faction may be close. If so, they will enter the battle as reinforcements. Reinforcements armies on Napoleon cannot be put under AI control and will enter the battle when there is enough space for them as the player cannot command more than 20 units during every battle.

Marshal Beale 01 Jun 11 21:43

There Factions are many it's only for Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition .. I only use Limited Edition
Look at the pic of NTW: Imperial Edition it's huge..

GovnaWatts 01 Jun 11 22:01

Well actually, Napoleon Total War is a few years old. Shogun 2 is the latest. It was a great game though.

Marshal Beale 01 Jun 11 23:48

Yes, when released in 23 February 2010, Napoleon Total War is my mostly favorite! Thanks to The Creative Assembly! :toast:

Shogun 2 Total War seem cool game, Shogun 2 have Gold Edition then Napoleon Total War, I don't care.. Hehe.... anyways, Shogun 2 released in March 15, 2011, it's very new, I don't get Shogun yet. :whist::p

Ensign Elliott 02 Jun 11 06:47

Yep, NTW is a great game.

Marshal Beale 02 Jun 11 17:46

Yeah. You play NTW? So I am.

Marshal Beale 02 Jun 11 22:50

Hey guys, I make animation British Army from NTW, I made by myself! ;)


Marshal Beale 02 Jun 11 22:52

Staff Generals - 480
Infantry - 1,200

Bulk22 27 Sep 11 22:24

i LOVE this game!

Marshal Beale 15 Feb 12 21:14

Lol, you play it. :)

Wellington95 15 Feb 12 21:17

Yeah it's a cool game. Got a new graphics card for it and it's simply beatiful

BELGRAVE 16 Feb 12 01:02


Originally Posted by Wellington95 (Post 2174812)
Yeah it's a cool game. Got a new graphics card for it and it's simply beatiful

Agreed, it's one of the few games I indulge in:- with the Peninsula War expansion.

Wellington95 16 Feb 12 01:48


Originally Posted by BELGRAVE (Post 2174905)
Agreed, it's one of the few games I indulge in:- with the Peninsula War expansion.

I downloaded Napoleon Total Factions (which makes all nations playable) a while back, and though it was cool at first, the AI was so horrifically bugged, I traded it in for the mod I currently have: Order of War. I'm quite contented with it :)

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