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TacCovert4 21 Oct 16 03:12

[Game Thread] Voyage of the Vespa, January 1716
Nassau, Bahamas:

With the onset of the dry season, the weather has stabilized at around 72 degrees (F), with relatively calm seas and slow but steady winds. Typically this time of year there is not much storm activity in the sea, though along the Atlantic Seaboard things can get a bit rough.


Type: Cutter-Rigged Ship (Fore and Aft Mainsails, 3 Fore Staysails, 1 Mast, Long Bowspirit)
Length of Hull: 54ft
Beam: 18ft
Draft: 8ft
Gun Deck: 8 x 3lbders arranged Broadside
Quarterdeck: 2 x 1lb Swivel Guns
Crew: 25 Sailors (including PCs), 5 Marines
1 x Jolly Boat (6 oars)

5 Weeks of Supplies
1 Unit of Shot (per gun)

The Good Ship Vespa lies at anchor in Nassau harbor. Her crew makes her ready for her maiden voyage under her new leadership. Not yet known for acts of piracy, the crew has all the appearance of civilian sailors and ex-navy or army men, men for whom the chance of adventure and profit in the absence of lucrative privateering has proven enough to make them join the cause.

Where shall the Vespa first ply? There are no strong winds to force her to one ground or another, and with luck her sail plan will let her catch slower vessels lumbering at sea in this becalmed season.

Colonel Sennef 21 Oct 16 03:25

Intel driven pirates
Rather than setting sail at random immediately,
let's see if we can pick up some shipping news first.

TacCovert4 21 Oct 16 03:56

Just to get things started and not let the game stall on day one, I'll give you this 'freebie' Intel report.

Intelligence within the Republic of Pirates is numerous, but its veracity can always be in question unless someone has bribed or established a network of informants on the activities of shipping from other less 'seedy' ports.

"Word on the Docks":

--Shipping in the Mid Atlantic is rare and probably not of great importance.....Atlantic winter weather is out in force.

--Shipping from the South Atlantic/African Coast to the Caribbean colonies is steady, with ships passing on the sealanes into the Caribbean every few days to weeks.

--Coastal Shipping is out in numbers, this is a good time to move goods between the islands, including rum and dry goods, since the weather is favorable to smaller vessels and there is little chance of storm.

Colonel Sennef 21 Oct 16 06:30

As we're novices pirates, let's start small and prey on Coastal Shipping; transatlantic ships being a bit out of our league yet.

With the money we're going to make we can bribe people in the know for real good inside information.

Widow Maker 21 Oct 16 08:35

Oh ! OH!!

January 1716!

In November 1715 a Spanish treasure fleet of 10 galleons was wrecked by a hurricane along the Florida coast off Cape Canaveral northwards towards St Augustine. Almost all of the ships were wrecked against the shore in shallow water.

The Governor of Jamaica is issuing charters to ships to fight pirates and recover treasure. Two ships quickly returned with 120,000 Spanish gold pieces the took raiding Spanish storage huts where the Spanish were storing salvage along the desolate coast. This "recovery" was tolerated in Jamaica.

I think the Florida coast and the route from there to Havana should be our first area of operations. In addition to other activities we could raid the Spanish salvage parties at sea or ashore. Other ships trying to salvage or who are raiding the Spanish could also be targets. If we could get a charter from Jamaica we could basically call any ship with treasure a pirate if they don't have a charter. The governor authorized the two ships to use "any means".

Word of this was widespread around the Caribbean and these events pumped a lot of the wealth into the Bahamas.

Snowygerry 21 Oct 16 08:43

That Admiral farts and has another drink.

Those in his regular crew who know him better though, assure the rest of the cast he'll be back on Monday,

he might just be useful when he does :toast:

Colonel Sennef 21 Oct 16 09:03


Originally Posted by Widow Maker (Post 3278309)
I think the Florida coast and the route from there to Havana should be our first area of operations. In addition to other activities we could raid the Spanish salvage parties at sea or ashore. Other ships trying to salvage or who are raiding the Spanish could also be targets.

Excellent intelligence gathering WM:thumup: +1 if I could rep you again so soon.

I second WM's idea that we should sail towards Florida and raid salvage parties at sea or ashore as we find them :devil:

Pruitt 21 Oct 16 13:01

Guillame is all for a cruise along Florida! Rum and other dry goods might bring questions on where we got it, but Gold and Pieces of Eight bring no questions! We can always keep an eye open for targets of opportunity along the way...This has got to be easier than working as a Log Cutter in Campeche Bay!

Guillame has a new Basket Hilt Scottish Claymore and a used English Dueling Pistol. If he does not hit with the ball, he can use the pistol as a club! He is on the lookout for a double barrel pistol...


Pruitt 21 Oct 16 13:50

If you want a good description of Nassau, google: "The Strongest Man Carried The Day, Life in New Providence".


Double Deuce 21 Oct 16 21:17

Head for Florida. From there we can easily go west, north or south as the situation dictates.

TacCovert4 21 Oct 16 22:53

That is 4 of 5 voting for Florida's Atlantic Coast, and I know that "Admiral" is absent for the weekend. Due to time constraints for me, I'll do the first update, as it will involve what would be a lot of tedium.

Vespa: Ammuniton (-0, 1 UPG). Supplies (-1, 4 weeks)

Sailing out of Nassau, the Vespa heads out to sea abeam with the prevailing winter winds, then tacks North once clear of the Bahamas and the chance of being pinned to an island by a gale or frigate. After five days at sea, the ship is North East of St. Augustine, near the purported site of the lost Treasure Fleet. For now, the weather holds and aside from morning fog there is nothing to note in the log.

At about four bells in the forenoon watch (10am) on the 6th day, the lookout on the yardarm spies a sail some miles distant. After a couple of minutes of observation you know the following:

Two masts, Square Rigged Brig. Sailing South towards St. Augustine. You can't make out the colors at this range. You know that turning to run it down will likely alert them that odd things are afoot.


Pruitt 21 Oct 16 23:34

If it is headed for St Augustine, it should be Spanish. We could hide at least a dozen of the crew and leave some barrels on deck so she looks a bit mercantile. We can fly the French Flag as they are at peace with the Spanish. Guillame speaks English, Dutch and French. If they are well armed and have a large crew we can chit chat and then sail away.


Colonel Sennef 22 Oct 16 01:57

Let's intercept. I see no reason yet to let her go.
We can always change our course of action if things appear too bad for us.

Widow Maker 22 Oct 16 06:32

Those of us with helm and navigation experience should confer and determine our odds of overtaking her before she reaches sight of St Augustine. No reason to alert the neighborhood by being aggressive to a ship soon to be in the capital of Spanish Florida if he can't catch her at well clear of St A.

If we can overhaul her then by all means let's do so.

TacCovert4 22 Oct 16 16:24

Winds are out of the North West. To get into St. Augustine both ships would have to turn a few points into the wind.

The brig is a few miles ahead and to the SW, sailing SSW.

The brig is square rigged, your ship is Cutter rigged.

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