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Napoleon 16 Apr 05 18:19

Name That Photo
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Hello, this is the official thread for all Name That Picture questions. The concept is fairly simple. Someone will post a photo and everyone else tries to answer a question about the photo. I will start us off.

Name the ship in this photo:

doodad 16 Apr 05 23:54

And the answer to the question is...."listing to starboard!" :cheeky:

Napoleon 17 Apr 05 12:08

Yes it is....but this is actually a very famous ship.

Hint #1: It was involved in a deadly marine accident.

nemo 17 Apr 05 12:21

Somewhere around Gallipoli maybe?

Napoleon 17 Apr 05 13:32

Nope....far away from Gallipoli. The disaster involed a collision with another ship.

horatio_nelson 17 Apr 05 17:17

Is it the Imo, one of the ships involved in the deadly Halifax explosion?

Napoleon 17 Apr 05 17:33

Horatio_nelson has it!! The Imo collided with another ship called the Mont-Blanc which was carrying ammunition. The Mont-Blanc promptly exploded creating the largest manmade explosion until Hiroshima. Here is an excellent CBC site on one of the greatest disasters in Canadian history.

Napoleon 17 Apr 05 17:36

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Who is this man:

Napoleon 18 Apr 05 20:46

Well, is anyone going to take a shot at this one?

First clue: He is from one of the minor powers.

Temujin 18 Apr 05 23:04

Emporer Selaisi (sp?) of Ethiopia, maybe not emporer at the time.

Napoleon 19 Apr 05 17:08

Nope, his country is on the European continent.

nemo 19 Apr 05 17:50

Radomir Putnik, the Serbian Chief of General Staff at the outbreak of the war?

Napoleon 19 Apr 05 19:26

Nemo has it! Good job! Here is a brief biography of Radomir Putnik:

Napoleon 19 Apr 05 19:29

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Ok, this time we have a weapon. A revolver to be specific.

nemo 20 Apr 05 03:22

At work now, that is, without my books. I can't resist a wild guess though: a British Webley (.45?) revolver, model unknown.

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