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Martok 21 Nov 16 01:50

Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning
For those who may be interested.

The private Warhammer server is thriving, and of course is still free to play. My son set up his own Youtube channel to post videos of the games he plays, and allows me to post my own videos from recent fights against the forces of Destruction. I even learned how to record music over them, and offer a few here for your enjoyment.

1. Short video from a scenario battle in Nordenwatch:

2. Election day fights in Dragonwake:

3. Keep defense in Reikland:

4. Nordenwatch scenario with one versus one action. That fight starts at the 3:20 mark:

5. Keep Defense in the Chaos Waste:

Thanks for watching. And if you would be so kind subscribe to my son's channel.

Martok 22 Nov 16 22:14

I like this one particularly. Airborne, Death from Above.

Action begins at about the two minute mark:

Martok 29 Nov 16 01:20

Tier 4 action in Kadrin Valley:

Martok 01 Dec 16 23:24

Even though we lost I particularly enjoyed this fight. Action in the Battle for Praag scenario:

Martok 01 Dec 16 23:33

A running fight in Caledor:

Martok 01 Dec 16 23:42

Arnold J Rimmer 02 Dec 16 01:22

Pardon the ignorance, but does this mean that it is still possible to play WH online?

Martok 02 Dec 16 12:57


Originally Posted by Arnold J Rimmer (Post 3296457)
Pardon the ignorance, but does this mean that it is still possible to play WH online?

Yes, it is. The server is free to play, run by a group of Devs in Europe. They have made some additions and balance changes to the game and are attempting to clean out all the crap Mythic instituted when they ran the game. I, as you can see from my videos, am having a blast. Especially given I am now retired and don't have to play while grading papers.

If you decide to look into it and actually log on, a few helpful tips. Given this is a private server, the Devs rule. They do not put up with any crap from anyone, therefore the in game trolls which helped ruin the live version don't last long here. Which is good. Also never under any circumstances in any chat channel anywhere, including the forums, mention money. The guys running this server are doing it entirely at their own expense and don't take a dime form anyone. Games Workshop would shut them down if they did.

The link to their website:

Martok 03 Dec 16 04:32

Keep Defense in the Chaos Waste. The fight occurred in sequence as shown but had to be broken into three parts. It was a fun fight all around.

Part One - the opening salvo:

Part Two - where I become One With the Universe:

Part Three - In Which Doris Gets Her Oats:

Martok 04 Dec 16 05:12

Running battle in KV, only this time with a tragic ending:

Martok 13 Dec 16 03:04

First in a series of seven videos which will share a common theme, each in turn named for one of the seven deadly sins. Sometimes this game is quite personal.

Martok 13 Dec 16 03:28

And sometimes you consume everything in sight:

Martok 13 Dec 16 17:49

A live event took place today, and I am posting part one of the video series here just to provide an illustration of game population.

And here as well:

The Battle Begins (and ends):

And I try to go pick a fight:

Martok 03 Jan 17 22:15

A bit of background on this post. As some of you may know prior to my retirement I taught High School in one of the local public school systems. It is for that reason the titles of a number of my videos hail from sources such as Shakespeare, Milton, or Dante. Prompted by an event in game I decided to make a series of videos dedicated each in turn to one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Six of them have been up on Youtube for a few weeks, and the seventh was just posted. Given not everyone either subscribes or views the channel, I thought I would post them here as well. Obviously, the Warhammer community will appreciate the subtlety of content more easily than anyone who isn't a player. But still. Taken seriatim, they are:

1. Wrath:

2. Gluttony:

3. Pride:

4. Sloth:

5. Greed:

6. Envy:

7. Lust:

If you only watch one of these videos, I would suggest Lust. It all kind of fits.

Descriptions and music accreditations are listed with the Youtube postings.

Thanks for watching.

Martok 07 Jan 17 13:59

Action in Praag with the Bitterstone Thunderers:

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