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Khryses 14 Apr 17 11:11

KG Regenbogen: Yap Thread
You know the drill chaps; the home for all general out-of-game chat regarding KG Regenbogen, its players and the scheming foe.

Pruitt 14 Apr 17 13:00

Roger that!

Fahnrich von Pruitt

TacCovert4 14 Apr 17 15:48

Hauptmann Tacreich Heinz walks into the tent fly strung up between two of the trucks. Taking a swig of schnapps from a flask, he passes it to his other leaders in KG Regenbogen before running a hand through his greying hair.

The current leader of the KG is a long-service veteran. A mere private draftee at the end of the great war, he got a job with the border police during the Weimar Republic. Then with the rise of the Fuhrer, he volunteered for assignment to the Spanish Republicans. Made a sergeant for the assignment, at the start of the Polish Campaign he was made platoon leader, and finally clawed his way up to Hauptmann....a position that he thinks will likely be the highest he ever attains.

Typical for an old soldier, he carries his issued P38.....but still carries an old MP18. Whenever he's asked, he says that it would just be given to the police anyway, and he has no intentions of walking into battle with just a pistol.

Senorankka 14 Apr 17 16:22

Leutnant Christian "Ente" Senft sat on the cupola of his PzKpfw II as it passed nearby logistics and supply personnel. Iron Cross on his chest he was embodiment of prestige and youthful arrogance.

His driver had to quickly slow down as group of men were in front of them. This caused Senft to shout at nearby supply NCO.
"If your men doesn't anything for me, then get out of my way!"

Minor distractions, Senft thought and ordered his driver to drive this under a tree. Calling himself off the radio, he jumped from the PzKpfw and with brisk speed marched to command tent.

"Good morning gentlemen!" He scanned across the tent. "Which one of you is Hauptmann Heinz?"

The Exorcist 14 Apr 17 17:46

Junior Lt. Manfred Ertl arrives astride his BMW R-750 motorcycle.
He will leave his MP-40 on the bike, but is still armed to the teeth when he steps off, with a Luger on one hip and a Sturmpistole with flares and grenades on the other, with a further stick grenade clipped to one boot.
This is not an affectation, the Close Combat badge on his tunic attests to a nasty experience not long ago, where he learned to avoid being caught short regarding firepower.

Ertl is an Austrian, and self-concious of that fact and how the Volk Deutsch tend to regard such people. He accepted a reduction in rank to move out of Staff and into a combat command, specializing in recon.

Flipping his goggles up and using his gloves to beat some of the dust from his Jodhpurs, he scans his fellow officers before making his introduction with a jaunty air
"Leutnant Ertl, reporting as assigned. How is the hunting in this sector?"

Colonel Sennef 15 Apr 17 04:13

First lieutenant Jürgen Kolzenf from Berlin
in the Wehrmacht since September 1938.
Likes to be with the 'schnelle Truppen' of PG1.
Not a Nazi, though he is impressed with their successes.
He expects the campaing in Russia to be over soon.

Colonel Sennef 15 Apr 17 15:36

Having done my homework I would now graciously accept a Schnappslein from you before I return to 2nd platoon, Herr Hauptmann.

TacCovert4 15 Apr 17 15:57

Hauptmann Heinz passes the flask. "Certainly. It seems that we won't have an opportunity to share in an officer's mess for some time."

Capt AFB 15 Apr 17 21:24

So, Oberleutnant (1st Lt) Brandt is getting a bit concerned.

Leading a convoy of five vehicles, he was to meet KG Regenbogen and drop off extra fuel, ammo, rations and water for their upcoming mission.

Standing up in the open cab of the lead vehicle (a Stoewer staff car), he looks around trying to orient his abouts with the unfolded map on the dash of the car in front of him and perhaps even seeing a sign of the KG.

The three vehicles behind him are 3-tonnes Opel Blitz cargo trucks. The two first truck have mainly rations, ammo and water. The third one - from the Division's fuel supply column, carries POL, mainly fuel in barrels, but also oil and lubricants. His Unteroffizier (Sgt) wanted to spred some of the POL to the first two trucks as a precaution, but time did not allow it.

The last vehicle was a Feld Gendarme sidecar. 1st Lt Brandt spent a frustrating 2 hours of following it and getting lost. He sent the military policemen in the back of the convoy, figuring out he could manage the navigation alone and finding KG Regenbogen.

During these couple of hours of following the fumes of a sidecar, Brandt thoughts went to comtemplating what got him here in the first place.

Three years ago, he was second-in-command of an infantry company. Always fascinated by flight, he was able to transfer to the Luftwaffe and became a Hs 123 pilot...And two months ago, on the morning he was supposed to be promoted to Haupmann, his dream when crashing down and he was sent to the supply staff of the 14. Panzer Division...Well, that's what happens when you are highly suspected of empregnanting the two daughters of the Chief of Staff of your Luftgau ("well, I am MAYBE guilty for one of them!") and the Commander of your Geschwader, liking you, thinks that hiding you with an Heer supply organization will help you survive the wrath of a really mad father!

So, Oberleutnant Brandt looks at his map again trying to figure out what his next move woud be.

(Update 16 April - Please Note: Justin and I traded PMs. This post on the Yap trade is to provide him an option to use a supply convoy, if and when he sees fit in the current scenario. I do not intend to take the XO or line platoon position at this time.)

Khryses 15 Apr 17 22:06

Sorry Oberleutnant; it's entirely possible that a stray officer with infantry experience (and without any command following his sudden exit from the Luftwaffe) could be snapped up by Regenbogen or a similar ersatz formation, but there's no room in the current scope for a supply column for this company.

Previous experience in logistics may come in handy, but your best slot would likely be as XO for 1st or 2nd Pl, even if it means you're over-rank for your role.

And who knows? Officers die, and new formations may enter the Kampfgruppe.

Colonel Sennef 16 Apr 17 16:40

'It is a pretty good plan', Kolzenf thinks.
'and now we wait'.

Senorankka 16 Apr 17 17:04

Of course there is some silly KV-1 in the village with ampulomet battery hiding nearby.

So we wait.

Khryses 17 Apr 17 03:19

The next few updates are likely to be rapid-fire (as quickly as Exo and Sen can post and I can respond) until the main body of KG Regenbogen catches up to changing events or reaches the map. :salute:

Note there's no restriction on other commanders changing your orders, but the only commanders aware of the new information in the update at this stage are the ones flagged as "to react".

Colonel Sennef 17 Apr 17 04:31

Use your radio wisely guys.

TacCovert4 17 Apr 17 07:22

Correct. Scouting is only useful if kg hq gets timely information. And some assets can speed up to reach you

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