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Posted on Aug 25, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

EAA Fly 2006

By Chad Weisensel

Also in the general area was an A-10 Warthog which I personally think is one of the coolest looking planes of our time.

oshkosh_031.jpg oshkosh_030.jpg

Next it was on to the WW2 fighters and Bombers and the first one I saw was the Avro Lancaster courtesy of our friends to the north and the Canadian Air Force. Once again this was a first for me and I was able to get some really good pics of this bird.

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oshkosh_002.jpg oshkosh_003.jpg


Also present in this area was a P-38 Lightning, F4U-Corsair, a couple B-17 Bombers and a B-24 Diamond Lil. Also above me you could hear the roar of four 1200 Horsepower Wright Cyclone engines of the B-17 Bomber Aluminum Overcast that was giving flights over the show grounds.

oshkosh_007.jpg oshkosh_014.JPG

oshkosh_020.jpg oshkosh_023.jpg


At this point it was time to go and see the Warbird area in which hundreds of warbirds and pilots have gathered to show off their planes.


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