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Posted on Dec 5, 2005 in History News

Military History, Wargames, and the History Channel

Today Ubisoft, Gearbox Software, and The History Channel, announced that a Brothers In Arms-inspired documentary on World War II will premiere on The History Channel. The two-hour special, "BROTHERS IN ARMS"... hosted by actor Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers) will premiere on The History Channel on Sunday, December 18th at 8 pm ET/PT.

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Posted on Nov 11, 2005 in History News

Veteran’s Day/Remembrance Day

We at Armchair General would like to take a moment to say Thank You to those who have served, and of course remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our nations. We will never forget!

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Posted on Oct 18, 2005 in History News

Clint Eastwood to Direct Iwo Jima Movies

There is an interesting article at Time Magazine, which outlines the latest projects of director Clint Eastwood. He is doing two movies set around the Battle of Iwo Jima in World War II. One covers the battle from the American perspective, the other from the Japanese side.

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Posted on Sep 15, 2005 in History News

ACG Readers Offered 10% off at Normandy’s Ivy House

Readers of Armchair General have a special opportunity when visiting Normandy;
"I live in La Madeleine with my wife Sarah where we run our Guest House and Gites, I would like to offer a discount to all of your readers, any Armchair Genral readers who stay with us at Ivy House will be given a 10% discount."

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Posted on Sep 8, 2005 in History News

Subscribers in the Path of Katrina

We have several hundred subscribers who were directly in the path of Katrina and its aftermath. As we all know, this has made mail service all but impossible in several areas of these states. Armchair General will be putting those accounts on hold and reactivating them when mail service resumes. In this fashion, they may miss a couple issues during the down time, but will still end up with six. It is but one small part we can play to help our friends in the disaster area.

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Posted on Sep 8, 2005 in History News

Armchair General Magazine Holiday Offer

Armchair General is pleased to announce an excellent holiday subscription offer. If you enjoy reading the magazine, why not share the experience with friends and family at a new low price -- as low as $10.00 per subscription! This offers incredible savings over the newsstand price, and we think you'll agree it is worth every penny! Check out the details here.

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