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Posted on Nov 19, 2004 in Books and Movies

An Interview with Military Historian David M. Glantz – Book Review

We recently had an opportunity to briefly correspond with military historian Col (Ret) David M. Glantz. He is the author of numerous works on the Second World War and his studies on various Eastern Front battles are among some of the most in-depth and accurate works currently available. His work in this area continues and we were lucky enough to get him to take a brief timeout from his busy schedule to talk to us.

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Posted on Oct 29, 2004 in Books and Movies

Walt Disney On The Front Lines – The War Years

The Walt Disney Studio was taken over by the military on 12/8/41. Instead of producing family films the studio began to crank out cartoons with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Pluto and others in WWII propaganda shorts. The first DVD in the collection features 29 of these cartoons dealing with all kinds of homeland WWII material. From “Donald gets Drafted” and “Commando Duck” to the classic “Der Fuehrer’s Face” featuring Donald and the Spike Jones Band hit of the same name.

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Posted on Oct 8, 2004 in Books and Movies

Come and See – Movie Review

This Russian-made film explores the world of partisans and civilians caught behind German lines during World War II. It is dark, grimy, and depressing, but contains a message about the human spirit that makes this movie a must-see.

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Posted on Aug 5, 2001 in Books and Movies

Into the Storm – A Study in Command – Book Review

Although entirely different than many of Clancy's works of fiction, Into the Storm: A Study in Command is filled with useful information and is certainly worth a look for anyone interested in the military aspects of the first Gulf War. The book also contains a fairly in-depth account of General Franks experiences in Vietnam, and his look of a foot in that war. The story of how he struggled and largely overcame the limitations of this injury make for fascinating reading.

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