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Posted on Jul 8, 2007 in Boardgames

War at Sea: Battleships

The most deadly opponent in War at Sea are heavy battleships, like the Richelieu, Bismarck, Yamato and Iowa. Obviously, in a standard 100 point game, battleships will...

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Posted on Dec 17, 2006 in Boardgames

War at Sea Preview

The call to general quarters will be issued early in 2007 as Axis and Allies Miniatures: War at Sea starts to streak through the water. The new miniatures game will be...

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Posted on Nov 2, 2006 in Boardgames, Front Page Features

War Galley – Boardgame Review

War Galley is the seventh volume in the multi-award winning Great Battles of History (GBoH) series, but the first to venture entirely into the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the first historical boardgame published, in two decades, to address galley warfare.

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Posted on Aug 24, 2006 in Boardgames, Front Page Features

Savannah – Boardgame Review

The Battle of Savannah turned heavily on the fortunes of war (some of these to be delineated in the historical synopsis). By introducing a “random event” card deck, designer Mark Miklos and developer Andy Lewis, have transformed a relatively static siege battle into an intriguing challenge.

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