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Articles by Larry Levandowski

Posted on Mar 17, 2010 in Electronic Games

Field of Glory – PC Game Review

A few turns of Pharsalus before taking the dog out for a walk? A quick battle between ancient armies before breakfast? This review says Field of Glory is that kind of computer game – easy to learn, tougher to master.

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Posted on Jan 13, 2009 in Electronic Games

War Over the Mideast – PC Game Review

John Tiller and HPS Simulations have released the next title in the Modern Air Power series, Air War Over the Mideast. This review finds it to be fun, edge-of-the-seat operational air combat although its graphics are old school.

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Posted on Dec 5, 2008 in Boardgames

The Battle of Monmouth – Boardgame Review

This review of The Battle of Monmouth from Clash of Arms Games finds it to be an advanced-level board wargame that plays like a good set of miniatures rules, and it says players who look for depth and historical accuracy won’t find a better game.

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Posted on May 1, 2008 in Electronic Games

Panzer Command Kharkov – PC Game Review

World War Two armored combat on the Russian steppes has always been a favorite genre among wargamers. As the second game in the Panzer Command series, Koios’ developers have apparently done a great deal of listening to their gaming audience, and Panzer Command Kharkov hits the target squarely with all guns.

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