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Posted on Aug 6, 2014 in History News

At Age 90, He’s Running Across the U.S. to Honor a WWII Ship

At Age 90, He’s Running Across the U.S. to Honor a WWII Ship

By Armchair General

At age 90, some people are happy if they can get out of bed without help. World War II vet Ernie Andrus is running – yes, running – across America to raise awareness of another veteran of the Second World War: LST 325, the last unmodified ship of its time. There’s still a hole in it from what appears to have been a 20mm–40mm cannon round.

The ship is still afloat, in Indiana, and occasionally visits other towns; the editor of our websites HistoryNet and ArmchairGeneral did a photo essay of LST 325 when it visited Nashville in 2012, interspersed with National Archive photographs of the ship during its World War II service.

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The nonagenarian runner Ernie Andrus is also raising funds to support the LST 325 Ship Foundation, Inc. during his trip across America. Click on his name to read Robbie Couch’s Huffington Post article about his mission.

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